GHS delivers two IBM z15 T02 mainframes to Compuware!

Compuware installs the 2nd and 3rd IBM z15 T02 mainframes worldwide  


Why Compuware chose the z15

The IBM z15 T02 represents another leap forward in mainframe technology. IBM continues to enhance a system that is already the most technologically advanced business computing platform!
There are several features that caught Compuware's eye:

  • The power boost “Instant Recovery” feature dramatically reduces the time necessary to restart a system. Simply put, this feature reduces the impact on continuous availability by reducing downtime 
  • The z/OS® Container Extensions let you run Linux on Z apps right on z/OS for the first time
  • The z15 continues the architectural feature of fitting into a standard 19” frame, allowing it seamlessly coexist with other platforms in the data center
  • The continued security feature enhancements expand data encryption, isolate workloads and authenticate access

Compuware plans to capitalize on features such as zHyperLink Express, RoCE Express, and OSA-Express. As always, the z15 can easily scale to meet workload demands, as Compuware increases their overall automation and automated testing functions.

It is interesting to note that IBM states that the largest z15 systems can execute up to 1 trillion secure web transactions per day, with up to 190 configurable cores and up to 40 TB memory!


Compuware's relationship to GlassHouse Systems

Compuware would like to acknowledge Glasshouse Systems (GHS) as their business partner to IBM. Compuware and GlassHouse Systems have a 25-year relationship because they truly are a value-add partner. Compuware greatly appreciates GHS' energy, technical knowledge and ability.



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About Compuware

Compuware empowers the world’s largest companies to excel in the digital economy by taking full advantage of their mainframe investments. They do this by delivering highly innovative software that enables IT professionals with mainstream skills to develop, deliver and support mainframe applications with ease and agility. Compuware's modernized solutions uniquely automate mainframe work, integrate into a cross-platform DevOps toolchain and measure software delivery quality, velocity and efficiency.

As an Agile organization, Compuware provides a steady stream of innovation in the form of net-new capabilities and enhancements to their existing product portfolio each quarter—without exception. Their goal is to help customers achieve and maintain digital agility while leveraging the virtues that make the mainframe indispensable.

Compuware is honored to be selected by IBM to participate in the z15 ESP program. As a fervent supporter of the mainframe ecosystem, they are always looking for ways to evangelize the mainframe, and this is a fantastic way to do so. Compuware believes the z15 will be a great asset to companies of their size that already consider the mainframe to be an important and economical piece in the modern computing environment. Compuware values their close relationship with IBM and are happy to lend their support for what they believe is the world’s most powerful, economical, scalable and securable platform. The ESP team is very professional and great to work with as well!