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IBM Cost of a Data Breach

2022 Report

Discover insights into factors that can increase or help mitigate the cost of data breaches with this report. 

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With research conducted independently by the Ponemon Institute, this report studied 537 real breaches across 17 countries and regions and 17 different industries to compile it's key findings.


The Cost of a Data Breach Report can help you understand broad trends and dive deeper into factors that can increase costs and mitigate financial loss.


Download the report and learn valuable insights such as:

  • How AI, automation and a zero trust approach can reduce your losses from a breach
  • The effect of remote work on threats, costs and response times
  • Factors that increase costs, including complexity and compliance failures
  • A deep dive into the report's complete findings, including dozens of charts 
  • Security recommendations that can help organizations mitigate the financial impacts of a breach 


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