Webinar Recording: Think Like a CISO 

Think Like a CISO: Directions on Your Enterprise Security Roadmap

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Join GlassHouse Systems for a virtual bourbon tasting as we host William "Chip" Crane, IBM's top cybersecurity advisor, for a session focused on how to develop an effective security program that gets your organization to the posture and compliance it needs. 

Before joining IBM as a Cybersecurity Executive Advisor Leader, Chip headed the North American security operations for a global retailer. Served as a CIO, and was Red Hat's Leader for the Customer and Travel segments. As you can imagine, Chip has more than a few war stories under his belt.

Chip relates his experiences and demonstrates how good security planning comes together to create a resilient, scalable and agile cybersecurity muscle that can adapt based on ever-changing risks. 

This security leadership session will help you:

  • Learn how successful organizations develop risk-based cybersecurity programs to support business agility and resilience.
  • Understand the symbiotic relationship between processes and technologies in an integrated security concept.
  • Relate the concepts to your organization so you can prioritize security effectiveness based on your current architecture. 


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