GHS Cloud and Managed Services 

It is essential for enterprises to evolve alongside changing technical landscapes to meet the demands of their marketplace. With the need to process large amounts of complex data, your enterprise requires a reliable system to deliver results instantaneously. IBM Power Systems can easily integrate into your enterprise’s cloud solutions to meet the demands of your clients’ needs.


What You Need

  • Deeper skills in IBM i and Power Systems to resolve complex problems
  • Smooth integration of Power Systems with company's cloud strategy 
  • Management and operational support
  • Visibility into capacity and performance issues
  • Cost-efficiency by developing a data-centric approach  
  • Accelerated business growth
  • Qualified staff to manage on-premises IT environment 




For over25 years, GlassHouse Systems (GHS) has consistently helped public sector clients and leading private enterprises to eliminate the complexity of their IT environments and improve productivity by investing in a secure, cost-efficient and easy solutions for businesses. We take pride in our industry-leading technical knowledge and world-class IT services.


What GHS Offers

  • Technical expertise in the integration and management of IBM i and Power Systems - the most scalable system in the industry
  • Security and flexibility within the GHS Cloud: IBM i, AIX, Linux
  • Innovation and superior performance with POWER9 servers  
  • Optimized IT infrastructure management through Remote Infrastructure Managed Services (RIMS)
  • IT experts to manage your system in your datacenter 
  • 24/7 continuous performance monitoring for smooth operation

  • Reporting, dashboards, notifications enabling client visibility


GlassHouse Systems provides the necessary technical expertise to handle your enterprise's needs with ease, allowing employees to focus on driving demand and meeting the needs of the marketplace.  

We would be happy to discuss suitable solutions for your company, delivered by our team of managed services experts. Connect with us to have your questions answered.